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Welcome to the Hickson lab

at the Sainte-Justine Hospital Research Center, affililated with the Université de Montréal


We are a basic research lab whose main goal is to understand the molecular mechanisms of cytokinesis, the final stage of cell division where cells physically split into two. Cytokinesis is a multi-step process essential for the development and homeostasis of all tissues, and is frequently misregulated in cancers. We use live cell imaging and cell biology approaches to understand how the cells' various cytoskeletal elements cooperate with each other and the plasma membrane to ensure that cytokinesis occurs faithfully.

Core mechanisms of Cytokinesis

Developmental variations of Cytokinesis

Interplay between the actin and septin cytoskeleton


The current team

(under construction)


Gilles Hickson, Ph.D.

Principal Investigator

Raised in England, with Anglo-French-Vietnamese heritage, I have always been fascinated by biology and how things work (or might work).  I studied biology with French at the University of Manchester (BSc. Hons), which included a research placement in Toulouse, France. I then obtained a Ph.D. studying membrane trafficking with Gwyn Gould at the University of Glasgow. I became interested in the cell cycle and cell division, so pursued a postdoc with Pat O'Farrell at the University of California, San Francisco. Since 2009, I am principal investigator at CHU Sainte-Justine and Professor at the Université de Montréal. 



Interested in studying cell division in the beautiful, multi-cultural city of Montréal?


We seek motivated and qualified students and postdocs. Please email me your CV, academic transcripts, and a short letter of motivation that outlines your interest in our work.

We are located in the state-of-the-art research centre of Sainte-Justine Hospital:

3175 Chemin de la Côte-Sainte-Catherine, Montréal, QC H3T 1C5, Canada

office +1 (514) 345-2189

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